Mexican fare ranks with Italian and Chinese as Americans' top-three favorite global cuisines, according to the . Mexican flavors and ingredients have permeated all corners of American cuisine, infusing vibrant and varied tastes into Americans’ daily diet. But while tacos and enchiladas may seem commonplace in America now, that wasn’t always the case.

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To be sure, Americans have been influenced by the flavors of our neighbor to the south for hundreds of years. But it wasn't until refugees from southern and central Mexico brought their culinary traditions north to the U.S. that dishes like tacos found their way into the mainstream. An increasingly global culture (and a growing number of Mexican fast-food mainstays and high-end restaurants) have cemented Mexican food's beloved role in U.S. cuisine. Which begs the question: Where does one go for the best Mexican food in every state?


To find out, Stacker turned to Foursquare’s algorithm that ranks locations based on user check-ins, rating signals, category matches, tips, and photo trends and found the highest-rated restaurant in every state. National restaurant chains were not considered for this story.

Read on to find the Foursquare’s top-rated Mexican restaurant in your home state.

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