An ATV-riding 19-year-old who rammed the back of a parked car during a New Year’s Eve joyride in Katy died Friday, according to authorities.

Elwood Palmer was riding the all-terrain vehicle around 11:30 p.m. in the 21700 block of Manitou Falls Lane when he rear-ended the car. The impact threw Palmer off the ATV, police said. He was not wearing a helmet.

He was rushed to the Texas Medical Center, where he died three days later.

77彩票网appIt was not yet known how fast Palmer was going. The street where he crashed was in a residential subdivision near Bundy Lake.

77彩票网appSheriff Ed Gonzalez shared his condolences to Palmer’s family in a tweet Saturday morning, adding that his deputies responded to similar crashes involving ATVs in 2019.

“ATV-related incidents have long been common as many take to the popular vehicles,” Gonzalez wrote. “ATVs can be fun for riders, but they can also pose dangers. Nationally, hundreds die and thousands injured because of ATV related injuries.”