A Florida man is in jail following a fight with his girlfriend over her claims that he drugged her cat.

"I read through his phone that he poisoned my cat," the woman told a 911 operator.

The call led to the arrest of 45-year-old Frank Jesse on charges of domestic violence and animal cruelty.

On Saturday morning, the victim said her cat was acting strangely by walking around in circles. She said Jesse had been drinking all night and when he finally fell asleep, she said she found text messages to one of his friends saying he was going to poison her cat.

77彩票网appThe victim said she found Google searches on how to kill a cat with amphetamines on Jesse's phone.

"When you cause this degree of suffering, in the animal, it rises to the level of a felony. This is a third-degree felony and if convicted, he could spend up to five years in prison as a result," said Bob Kealing, of the Seminole County Sheriff's Office.

77彩票网appFor a time, the victim couldn't find the cat, but eventually ,it was taken to a nearby emergency vet. Officials said it tested positive for amphetamines.

77彩票网app"The vet takes it a step further and says we don't have any medications that we give to cats that would come back as a test result like this," Kealing said.

77彩票网appJesse's phone was taken as evidence. His bond is set at $11,000.

Officials said the cat is OK and doing well.