College is a time for many overwhelming experiences and exciting opportunities. Whether it’s forgoing sleep to prepare for an exam or studying abroad in an exotic city, college is a unique experience with a variety of trials. But post-graduation life can feel good, especially when the first paycheck from a new graduate’s first job arrives, and it makes all that hard work feel worthwhile.

For some alumni, the stress of college is paying off. The rise of information technology and digitization has transformed the job market, leading to an unprecedented demand for technical and analytical skills. More and more students are majoring in , with the likelihood of earning at least $100,000 annually by their 30s.

To show just how valuable these college majors can be, Stacker used data from  to rank the top 100 college majors whose alumni make the most money in their respective professional careers. The rankings are based on the highest average mid-career salary, and with a tie, the major whose alumni earned more money on average earlier in their career is ranked higher. Along with each slide, information is provided as to the jobs a major in that area might be hired for, which skills they’ll attain while in school, and what the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects their prospects are of finding a job upon graduation with a bachelor’s degree.

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